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Cours Lottie Brouquisse

1er trimestre 2024/25

  • Commence le 14 sept.
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Cours : £21 TTC (frais de pédagogie : £3, frais d'enseignement : £18)

Séances à venir

Politique d'annulation

This is an extract of the full text which is available on EPL website. DEFINITIONS - EPL: means Ecole des Petits Loups Ltd represented by directors Anne Gauthier Spurr and Hélène Fauquet - Client: means the Legal representative of the child attending the classes of EPL - Tutor: French teacher OBJECT The Tutor shall provide tutoring of French to the child (children) namedby the Client. The dates, times and duration of each scheduled session are as detailed on the Parent Account on the EPL website. 1. TUTORING FEES The tutoring fees are calculated according to the scheduled time agreed between EPL and the Client. Fees may be adjusted from time to time and shall become effective after written notice is given to the Client. Tutoring fees are divided into 2 categories: pedagogy fees and teaching fees. 1.1 Pedagogy fees They are payable to EPL upon receipt of an invoice sent to the Client by EPL. They are not refundable. 1.2. Teaching fees They are payable to the Tutor upon receipt of an invoice sent to the Client by the Tutor. No further fees shall be charged for traveling or preparation time of the Tutor.  2. CANCELLATION AND REFUND 2.1. Cancellation by Client Pedagogy fees are not refundable in any cases. Teaching fees will be charged at full rate if the cancellation is done less than 72 hours before the start of the lesson OR if the Client cancels more than 2 lessons in a row. 2.2. Cancellation by Tutor In case of a session cancelled by the Tutor, Pegagogy fees for the session will be credited to the "make up" session and will not be reimbursed. Teaching fees will not be charged. The Tutor and the Client will agree on a date for the "make up" session. 3. LATE ARRIVAL & CHANGE OF SCHEDULE No adjustment to fees shall be made for time lost due to the late arrival of the Client or the early termination of session by the Client.   If the Client has not arrived in the first 15 minutes of a scheduled session, the session is deemed cancelled by the Client and the Tutor will leave. 4. TERMINATION The contract between EPL and the Client is automatically renewed at the end of each contract period. It can be terminated by the Client at any time with a minimum 1 month written notice. In the case of a trial session, the Client has 24 hours after the end of the trial session to terminate this contract. Otherwise, the standard termination rules apply.


52 Greenham Road, London, UK

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