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French class for Reception, Y1, Y2, Y3

Autumn term 2024/25

  • Commence le 19 sept.
  • 150 livres sterling
  • Muswell Hill - Our Lady of Muswell Primary School


Please note that this class is open exclusively to children attending Our Lady of Muswell Primary School.

Séances à venir

Politique d'annulation

This is an extract of the full text which is available on EPL website. DEFINITIONS - EPL: means Ecole des Petits Loups Ltd represented by directors Anne Gauthier Spurr and Hélène Fauquet - Client: means the Legal representative of the child attending the classes of EPL - Term: means a period of the school year covering September to December for the Autumn Term, January to March for the Spring Term and April to July for the Summer Term OBJECT EPL shall provide tutoring of French in group classes to the child (children) named by the Client. The dates, times and duration of each scheduled session are as detailed on the EPL website. 1. FEES The fees are as indicated on EPL website. Fees may be adjusted from time to time and shall become effective after written notice is given to the Client. Fees are payable to EPL upon receipt of an invoice sent to the Client by EPL. They are not refundable. Fees only include classes fees for the whole duration of a Term. If joining after the first session of the Term, fees will be adjusted prorata. Fees do not include for instance manuals or school stationnery. 2. CANCELLATION AND REFUND 2.1. Cancellation by Client Fees are not refundable. 2.2. Cancellation by EPL In case of a session cancelled by EPL, EPL will organise an alternate date for the "make up" session. If the Client cannot attend the make up session, EPL will credit the fee of the session to the following Term. If the Client does not apply for the following Term, EPL will refund the Client the fee of the session. 3. LATE ARRIVAL & CHANGE OF SCHEDULE No adjustment to fees shall be made for time lost due to the late arrival or the early termination of session by the Client.   4. OBLIGATIONS OF EPL EPL undertakes to do all preparation prior to lessons and to structure lessons in such a way as to optimize time to the benefit of the students. EPL shall keep confidential all information concerning the students. 5. OBLIGATIONS OF THE CLIENT The Client agrees to provide their own materials needed for each session: paper, pencil and manual (if applicable). The reference of the Manual is given by EPL. The Client agrees that exercises or homework form an integral part of the classes and undertakes to complete such work when needed. 6. NO WARRANTIES EPL makes no promises or warranties with regards to the students’ performance as a result of any tutoring provided.


  • Muswell Hill - Our Lady of Muswell Primary School

    Our Lady of Muswell R C Primary School, Page's Lane, London, UK

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